Tuesday, May 13, 2008

THE shoe ... of the Year

I have been finding shoes all my life and admittedly most times they have found me...some of them so good I kept them on when going to sleep!

...Its an infatuation with shapes, colours and comfort, but most of all having yummy shoes provides me with the sense that my feet are a delicious part of me. All the shoes I have stay with me too...they stay and they get worn! And when I have worn them out the memory of our walks fills me with joy.

This time I found them...
I remember the first time I saw them was on www.terraplana.com
They struck me with a deep excitement and I knew they were the pair for this year! Some days later a friend met me for coffee and she was wearing them! ... They looked even better on the feet...and NOW they look even better on MY feet. Thanks to my dear friend for sending a pair in the post! These are by far the most delicious pair I ...psssst, don't want to insult my other shoes... they are so light and more comfortable than any trainer I have ever worn. My feet are in fluffy world... they are looked after by an utterly stylish and comfortable... VEGGIE???? Incredible... these are a VEGGIE LEATHER SHOES! I have never bought into Veggie shoes. I am sold! What other colours do these come in? Lets have a look... www.terraplana.com

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Caz said...

Beautiful shoes indeed, must get me a pair x