Monday, May 26, 2008

Lusty Flies

Let me tell you about the brief, lusty life of the Mayfly. They have a life expectancy of only one day. Are they miserable about it? Not one bit. With just a few hours to live, these swarming insects, who’s home is the water, have only one thing on their minds. They cram every moment full of the things they love. They simply embrace life & make the most of it.

When their time comes to emerge, the water’s surface explodes to life. Adult males flutter above the water’s shimmer in a blue cape of newly minted wings, a massive whir. Fish, warbles, swallows, fly catchers, thrushes & kingfishers gather for a catch of protein dinner. Those Mayflies, which do escape the fish & birds, take to the air & scurry off the water to attach themselves to heather or trees, there to dry their wings in the sparkling sun. Then the mating of Mayfly 'spinners' begins. Rising in huge clouds, they take flight and skim the water’s surface awaiting the females to hatch for a dance. In the absence of the skirts they may meanwhile attempt to get it off with another fluttery male. However once the skirts appear for the dance they whirl off in a trance to finally mate with them. The sweet romance takes place above the water with the female finally entrusting her eggs back into the blue depths, where these wait for another three years for the exciting hatch. The mayfly romancers then die fulfilled in ecstasy; their beautiful remains left floating on the surface of the sparkling Blue just to be gathered by turtles & frogs for delicious dessert.

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