Saturday, September 05, 2009

What people say about us...

"Having seen Annegret in action over the last two years, she is a beacon of light within the fashion industry, at the forefront of looking at ways that she can build the capacity of small business co-operatives in Africa. Since her initial visit to Ghana in 2006, Annegret has raised the profile of a number of batikers and seamstresses enabling them to market themselves in domestic and international markets. At the same time, Annegret has a keen eye for technology and demonstrates an ability to look back at the past to develop the established skills of those she works with whilst looking to the future for ways to develop the areas of her business. Annegret is passionate about working from the ground up, developing collaborations with co-operatives and enabling a partnership with these colleagues to build on their business together and developing trade."

Claire Hamer
Buyer and Entrepreneur (former buyer for Topshop)

"Unquestionably bright and engaging, with a fearless personality, Annegret has already proved that she is confident and capable of operating a successful business in a developing economy. Her passion for ethical trading and her integrity stand out. She is entrepreneurial with insight and great potential. She has shown she can build a successful business from scratch and she will grow to new heights in the future."

Jury, UKYFE09 - UK Young Fashion Entrepreneur