Monday, October 06, 2008

Coca Cola Dream Experience – a Day with CHOOLIPS through the eyes of a winner

Having had a fabulous couple of days hosting two Fashion loving winners at my studio, I thought it best to get news from the horse’s mouth. I cannot wait to present these ladies their personalised Batik fabrics, garments & accessories! have been splendid & I look forward to a nice glass of Champagne & Catwalking glamour when I see you next!!

‘I couldn’t believe I’d won such an amazing prize, a day with a Fashion Designer. The day finally came and I was a little nervous to meet Annegret. When I arrived at Annegret’s studio, I was welcomed with a huge hug and a bunch of flowers…I knew we’d get along really well. Annegret explained how she started out, her interests in Batik prints, Japanese kimono and Fairtrade.
Her passion really shone through and I was inspired by her laid back attitude and hands on approach to Choolips. I think it’s brilliant how she works with businesses in Ghana and the traditional values this gives her designs. The energy and love that goes into the designs are unmistakable and the stories behind each so personal and moving.

After a lovely chat over lunch, we headed back to Annegret’s studio where I got to design my very own batik print that I chose to have made into a clutch bag. Overall I had a lovely day and could not have wished to spend the day with a better person. Annegret’s energy and attitude has inspired me to keep designing and to build up my skills gradually so that I can make the most of them and be more confident in what I can achieve.’ Nikita

‘Having been lucky enough in August to win one of Coca-Cola’s Dream Experiences, I was even more fortunate to find that
my prize was a day to be spent with Annegret. Friday, 19th September was the chosen day and during the morning at Annegret’s studio I was really interested to learn how passionate she is about her work and of the events in her life that led her, some years ago, to take what was an unorthodox path but one which, in the current climate, is now reaping thoroughly justified rewards. This very personable and vivacious young lady has carved a niche in the fashion industry on her own terms working with Ghanaian businesses, which hand-produce her colourful fabrics in striking designs.

Lunch, we took poolside at an oasis high above the capital. It was all wonderfully surreal, particularly as we could never have imagined a late-September day being so hot - someone was really smiling on us.

On our return to the studio we settled down to select a design and colourway for the garment to be made for me. The suggestion for this item was an easy one for me - I have recently had a large colourful tattoo done on my back and thought it would be great to have a tailor-made top that would show it off to perfection. The colours of the rainbow, in the form of wings feature prominently - so Annegret’s new range of tattoo-inspired designs was a revelation. It was a simple choice to make – winged hearts to echo my design, with the highest and lowest rainbow hues forming the colour way. Annegret suggested the material and took my measurements, and everything came together effortlessly.

All too soon my time with Annegret had to come to an end, but as another part of my prize I shall be returning to London. She is a beautiful, exceptional person with good, strong, well-focused views and I wholeheartedly wish her every success. Hazel

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