Sunday, July 06, 2008

'Turning Disney world on its head in Style'

Have you ever heard of the 'House of Fairytales'* - THE most innovative festival set in the magic grounds of Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire?

Over the August bank holiday weekend over 3000 people of all ages, will be taken on a seamless journey, a groundbreaking interactive artwork created by 500 artists, performers, educators, musicians, acrobats, puppeteers, designers, philosophers, writers and magicians working together to produce a parallel universe with its own rules, currency, social structures, time travel portals and police force.

CHOOLIPS is tremendously excited! Everyday we will run workshops in the Fabidashery. We will make fashion without clothes - weird wacky and wonderful creations for the body, created from recycled household items, such as newspapers& magazines, tea bags, doilies and tiddlywinks. Think Mad Hatters tea party meets living sculpture! Playing with design, scale & origami we will sculpt garments and hats onto bodies inspiring creatures of the future universe. The last day we will style with a BANG! a final Fashionshow will see all wild festival creations strut down catwalk.

As well as watching world class acts, the public will make and perform puppetry, build space age flying machines, play music, design & make costumes, learn about the forth dimension, perform quests, games and puzzles from physical to mental, write scripts and perform theatre themselves … the list is endless. Each day at Sudeley Castle is rounded off with entertainers & chat around campfires under the stars soaking in the beautiful backdrop.

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* ‘The House of Fairy Tales – Festival of The Creative Act’
Established by artists Deborah Curtis and Gavin Turk, The House of Fairy Tales is an arts-based education project, which uses the vast narrative scope of fairy tales to provide creative, innovative and transformative learning experiences for children of all ages and their families.

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