Friday, August 04, 2006

holographic world

The past 8 months have catapulted me into the land of holograms where CHOOLIPS has taken its first creative steps towards 3dimensions…

What if you had the power to alter or disguise your appearance and surroundings simply by means of a piece of material? Imagine a t-shirt with a tiger leaping from your chest, or perhaps a carpet in your sitting room that appears to be a meadow spread out, complete with grass and butterflies? Sounds sensational and enticing?

The year 2006 began with a bang of funding from the London Development Agency and support from Ultrachem LTD for the first round of R&D on CHOOLIPS’ holographic textile innovation ‘Digital Yarn’. CHOOLIPS’ Digital Yarn project envisages the application of holographic technology to materials, using their abilities to display holographic information of objects, surfaces or animations. Our results promise to be ground breaking high-tech textiles.

Since then, some months have been spent researching and prototyping in a holographic laboratory called CMO at Optic Technium in Wales. It’s been an adventurous experience working with a top-class team of scientists and specialists, and the outcome is not to be sniffed at. Certainly there is room for improvement and much growth from here. We have dismissed certain avenues and gained precious insights into the workings of the idea and its potential. I now know the next challenges I will be facing with this development.

Some weeks ago I got to share my concepts with an international audience of holographers, optical scientists, holo artists and many many more at the 7th Symposium for Display Holography in Wales. They joined me on an illustrated journey of my future visions of holography in textiles and design...

Meeting this audience has left me inspired. These people hold true gems and discover new diamonds, adding yet unseen magic to the world. It all fits in so nicely with Choolips that I plan to go and talk to a few of them to see if we can join up and grow my holographic work the next few inches.

Furthermore my ideas and thoughts were published by River Valley Press in a rather nice book of conference papers called ‘Advances in Display Holography’. You may purchase a copy or if you wish I could email you the paper. This way you’d get to dive deeper into this holographic adventure. Let me know and I sort you out with the relevant info.

I will keep you in the loop… if you want to chat in the meantime… get in touch!
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The Pit Canary said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Annegret! Now all we need is more images...

Pearl V John said...

Enjoyed reading the blog Annegret, and watching your presentation at the holography symposium! I am really looking forward to buying some of your holographic wallpaper.

(I have also been inspired by transparent concrete and fibreoptic wedding dresses.)

Best of luck,

p.s. Ooh, and pit canary - excellent photo.

The Pit Canary said...

thanks pearl. good and blurry - most useful for posting!

So, Annegret, where's the next entry hmm?